More photos from St. Andrews!

Thank you Mary Pat Alcus and Dan Melman for taking so many photos at last week’s regatta! There are many more photos than I could post here. Please check out the rest in Mary Pat’s and Dan’s galleries. Mary Pat has several photos of girls and Dan has several close ups of individual boys. Enjoy!

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Bulldogs Race Report

The season officially got started with our annual trip to St. Andrew’s School in Delaware. The conditions were nearly perfect, and the hospitality tent was stocked with excellent food and fellowship. I was very pleased with the racing of all the STA crews.

With just a few short weeks of rowing, the Freshman 8 finished 3rd behind 2 seasoned crews from Chaminade (Long Island, NY) and Central Catholic (Pittsburgh, PA). These guys are quickly finding their rhythm and Coach Andy Bacas has them on the right trajectory. The freshman also rowed in the 5th/novice 8 with some of the boys racing a 2nd time and won by 7 seconds. Our 2nd 8 has been rowing extremely well in practices and showed that same composure in their open water victory over the entire field. These guys row a long and relaxed stroke that seems effortless.  The 1st 8 had a gutsy race against a strong field. As the crews passed the tent with about 400 meters to go Central Catholic held a 4 seat lead. With about 200 meters to go coxswain Henry Plaster and Strokeman Will Trimble engineered a winning sprint and walked through last year’s bronze medalist at the SRAA Nationals. Our junior 4 had a solid race finishing 3rd behind 2 Chaminade crews that looked to be rowers from their varsity 8.

Well done, Bulldogs! The base of fitness established by coaches Sal Assenza and Andy Bacas during the winter is paying off this spring. Detailed race results for the boys at Row2k.

Great Showing at St. Andrews on Saturday!

Official comments from coaches coming soon. In the meantime, the Row2k website has results for both boys and girls. Highlights include 2nd place for both freshman girl’s boats and the 2v, 3rd place for girl’s’ 1v, first place for boy’s 1 and 2v boats, and 1st and 3rd for the boy’s freshman boat.  Thank you Christi Parker and Bill Trimble for sharing photos. Bill took a lot of photos which you can see here. If anyone else has photos let me know! (this is Cathleen here).

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2015 NCS Nuggets – Spring Training

Freshman have a lot of work to do during spring training because rowing on the water as a unified boat is a lot different from training in the erg room. Our rowers only had one day on the water before heading to Florida, so there was serious hard work to make up for lost time. Look at the progress the Freshman girls (AKA the Nuggets) made! Thank you Coach Rachel for putting together this incredible video!