TBC Tussle – Boys’ Race Report

BV28-1From Coach Ted Haley:

The TBC Tussle was an old fashioned back yard brawl. We got a chance to line up against the girls and boys we see every day. The coaches staff of each team are friends, respect each other, and occasionally see each other socially. There were several backstories in each race. I will stick to the facts. The regatta featured a dual race against Whitman and then a 4 boat final against Whitman, BCC and Wilson. Even though it rained a great deal more than weather.com predicted all the athletes had a good experience.

Boys 1v
Having lost to Whitman at St. Andrew’s the varsity 8 wanted to establish an early lead and go into cruise control. A solid win in this first race set up an anticipated show down with BCC who had been rowing well against similar opponents. The STA flagship crew laid down the first complete race of the season for a 2 second win over BCC and open water to the rest of the field. This was a strong showing.

Boys 2v
Our 2v handled the conditions and the emotion of a Burbelo brother battle to easily beat Whitman and then the rest of the field. Undefeated at this point of the season the STA 2nd 8 needs to keep working hard and maintain their composure as the season moves into championship racing. The technique, power and leadership seems to be working fine.

Boys frosh
The freshman boys continue to mature and improve under coach Bacas. They reversed an early loss to Whitman with a 2 second win in the dual and then lost a hard fought race to BCC by 2 seconds. The trajectory for this crew continues to be upward. As they learn the basics of the stroke their superior athleticism is taking them to new heights of speed on a weekly basis.

Boys 3v
With just one race against the entire field and little practice time together it was hard to tell what might happen in the 3v race. It turned out to be quite the adventure. BCC had the fastest crew winning by 9 seconds. However The Baron crew steered in front of the STA boat impeding their pathway down the river. The coxswain protested on the water and the order of finish was reversed giving STA the technical victory.

Boys 4+
The boys in the junior 4 rowed in the 3v race earlier in the day. They had little competition from Wilson and won by a country mile. They put down a solid time even though they were not pushed. They should receive a solid test at this week’s Charlie Butt regatta on our home course. Coach Assenza likes the progress he is seeing from this group of young men.

I would like to thank everyone that made this regatta possible. The BCC coaches put in the course. Wilson fed the coaches and refs. Whitman did the paperwork and timing. David Marsh worked hard with NPS to secure tent permits which came in handy on that wet day. Our launch drivers spent several hours in a cool rain. These hearty dads left their desk jobs for the day and served the team like true watermen. Many thanks.

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TBC Tussle

It was rainy and miserable (although more rainy and less miserable than the St. Andrews weekend). There was more food, more dogs, and more photos! Here are photos of the girls and some miscellaneous waterfront photos. Boys photos coming soon!

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Foley Cup – Boys’ Race Report

From Coach Ted Haley:

B-Awards-1The St. Albans crew traveled downstream to the Anacostia River to take on local rivals Gonzaga College High school in the annual Foley Cup race. The weather was perfect for racing and the competition was fierce. Unfortunately, we did not defend our title this year, but there was some good racing and fellowship. I would like to thank all the families and friends who came out to watch the races and support the team.

Here is the race report:

Frosh 8: Our boys were even and slightly ahead in the first 500 meters of the race when they picked up some debris on their rudder. This slowed down the STA freshmen and lead to a easy Gonzaga victory. Gonzaga coach Marc Mandel made note of this event in the Row2k race report. Coach Bacas and the Gonzaga freshman coach have agreed to meet during a practice to test each other again later in the season.



2nd frosh 8: Several members of the frosh 8 doubled up to race again with our spares and beat the Gonzaga 2nd and 3rd freshmen eights. This was good for those boys who just suffered the disappointment of losing in the freshman 8 race.





Varsity 4: This was the first true race for our Junior 4. The attacked the 3 Gonzaga crews early in the race and cruised to a open water victory. With a freshman coxswain and solid depth throughout the team this boat looks to build upon this successful racing experience.




2nd Varsity 8: This was probably the most exciting race of the day. Our 2nd 8 got off to a very good start and lead both Gonzaga crews by as much as a full length for most of the race. In the last 500 meters the Gonzaga 2v sprinted furiously and pulled even. Not to be denied the STA crew dug a little deeper and pulled off a .6 second victory. One of the oarsman said that he never worked harder in his life for a victory. These boys need to feel good about this effort.



1st Varsity 8: The result of this race determines who takes home the Foley Cup. After a solid start Gonzaga pulled ahead and did not look back. Our top boat did not pack it in, but got beat soundly by probably the best high school crew on the east coast. Fortunately the crew maintained their composure and perspective. We also had one of our best rows returning to Thompson Boat Center after the regatta. There is work to be done, but light at the end of the tunnel.

Results can be found here

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God Cup – Girls’ Race Report

From Coach Greg King:

IMG_7253The NCS crew team rowed to the Anacostia River to face off against ISL rivals Georgetown Visitation in the annual Carr Cup race. Episcopal High School also joined the race this year making it a true ISL showdown. Conditions were great on the river, with all the races going against a tide and only a slight headwind coming down the course for the last races of the day,

The NCS 4+ started the day off with a bang by defeating the Visitation 4+. After a rocky start and being down for the first 500 meters, the 4 pushed through in the middle 500 for an open water win by the finish line.

Next, the freshmen 8+, in their second race of the season, came down the course looking smooth and strong with a commanding lead, winning with a nice margin of victory.

The third 8, composed of the same members of the 4+, and the second 8 raced together in the second 8+ category. Impressively, the boats finished first and second, both commanding the lead from start to finish.

Finally the varsity 8 came roaring down the course, with a solid lead right off the start line. The wind kicked up a little bit and the row was not as clean as we would have liked, but it was very aggressive. There was an extra rivalry push in each stroke down the course. The varsity 8+ won the Carr Cup and sealed the clean sweep!

god cup row back 2The team then had a great row back to Thompson Boat Center, and after avoiding a sailing race was able to do some inter squad pieces with all four boats across. Everyone was tired but put in an awesome effort to get their bow ahead. Go EAGLES!

Results can be found here.

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